Project Pipeline

  1. Cabled Noro Silk Garden jacket for me. It’s nearly there. I think I may turn the collar into a hood though. The weather has turned horrible as if to taunt me, saying: “Knit faster and you may be able to wear your jacket yet… (but in all truth, it’s going to be blazing hot as soon as you finish).”
  2. Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Cardigan for Tia’s forthcoming baby.
  3. Mitred Square Blanket (MAGIC SQUARES!) for my sister’s forthcoming baby.
  4. Feathers balaclava. It’s just as hideous as it sounds. It was a bit of a joke but I’m determined to see it through. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever knit.
  5. Eleven pairs of socks. No, really. I bought the damn wool; I’m going to knit them.
  6. Fairisle cardigan in 4ply alpaca for me. I’ve had the yarn for ages; it’s time to get down to business.

Concept courtesy of Mary-Helen, who will be knitting socks right along with me…