Sydney Uni

Burning Koala (aka Angela and Eric) has just posted some lovely photos of Sydney University and Victoria Park. This is just a few streets over from our house and it’s one of the prettiest places on this side of Sydney.

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  1. Of coure, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the uni is pretty ordinary. Where I work, right down on Shepherd Street and about as far away from the quad as you could be within the special USyd postcode of 2006, it’s cramped and 70s-office-blah. But yes, the quad area is lovely.

  2. Very true, M-H. Even around the quad, there are some horribly old-fashioned looking buildings with tin sides and all. (The Snook tells me that most of the bad ones are full of asbestos, which is why they can’t tear them down very easily.) But to our American eyes, the main quadrangle looks like an English university postcard.

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