Due to nefarious, evil, comment-spamming assclown bastards, you can no longer mention “viagra,” “cialis,” or “phentermine” in your comments at this site. Not that many of you ever did, but now you can’t. This list will probably grow.

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  1. What about Tramadol? I haven’t been feeling like doing anything lately blah blah blah…

  2. Are you there? Blah blah something about a candle in the darkness…

    Does it get nerdier than spam humor? I love it!

  3. HA! I just got blocked by my own spam trap. I was just trying to comment to say that blocking those three keywords along with “u r l=” (spaces added because that’s what tripped me up a second ago) seems to have taken care of all of it today. What’s that, BBCode or something? I get a lot of that crap.

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