La Tartine Fruit Loaf

Food, Glorious Food
The Snook and I got up early yesterday to head out to the Good Living Growers’ Market in Pyrmont. It was our first visit and we were not disappointed! When we left an hour later, we were weighed down with asparagus, tomatoes, St. Agur blue cheese (soooo good) from Simon Johnson, some Bircher Muesli from Whisk and Pin, bratwurst and boudin noir (we were feeling very Steingarten) from Eumundi Smokehouse, and last but not least… a genuine La Tartine fruit loaf. (I’d have taken my own picture but this sucker didn’t last long.) For breakfast, we had lattes from Toby’s and wagyu steak sandwiches. YUM. I kept my eyes peeled for an Asian photoblogger, but it looks like we missed AugustusGloop by an hour or two. I think this may become a monthly habit!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the Boudin Noir link. I gave up on black pudding in England years ago because it’s so difficult to get hold of anything decent but rediscovered it whilst on holiday in France earlier this year. The French stuff is fantastic.

  2. We ate it tonight. The guy’s suggestion was to fry it up and serve it with “mashed potatoes and Guinness,” so that’s what we did. Unfortunately the Snook’s attempt to cut it in half so it would fry better didn’t work so good. Turns out boudin noir isn’t very cohesive once you split the skin. We sorta had piles of little bits of cut up sausage. It was yummy though. Very spicy and fragrant. Rather heavy; I don’t think I could eat very much of it.

  3. Lol. Yeah, once it opens out, it just keeps on unfurling. I found that spreading the various wodges of it onto crusty bread works a treat.

    Traditionally, the Pommie (chack da lingo) way is to fry large slices of it to complement a full-english breakfast.

    When in France we just bunged the whole loop on the barbie and ate it with baguettes and mustard.

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