Shocking Idol!

Idol was shocking – SHOCKING! – this week. No, really. I’m reeling. Sunday’s performances were so good across the board (except for Ricky), that I had a really hard time trying to guess who was going to be in the bottom three (except for Ricky). I decided that I was going to be sad no matter who left (except for Ricky). Too bad it wasn’t Ricky.

I’m glad they’re letting Bobby come back tomorrow night. He deserves it. He was never meant to be the Idol, but he definitely brought a welcome dose of weirdness and musicianship to the competition. Okay, so who *is* going to win this sucker? At this point, it’s looking like a three-way race between Damien, Jessica, and Dean. Holden wants Dean so badly he can taste it, and I’m not, uh, unfamiliar with that emotion. Boy is hot, yo. And he’s getting better with each performance. As TallulahBelle said, he’s “left the cheesy aspects of his performances behind and I, for one, am exceedingly grateful.” I’ll drink to that. Of the other two… I have to pick Jess. I just love her! Her singing is just so effortless and joyous. I’d give anything to have a voice like that. So my prediction is that the next bootees are Ricky, Chris, and Lisa, with Damien getting third and Dean and Jessica going on to the Final. I guess I should probably vote or something, huh?

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  1. I thought they were all quite good last night…..what a nice show it is too without the stupid judging part…

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