The women of MetaFilter answer the question: “How does it feel to have your period?” There’s a really good range of experiences represented there (including my own). Personally, I’m just glad to see a lot of other people mentioning downing ibuprofen like M&Ms. I mean, I hope they don’t get sick like I did, but at least it makes me feel a little less like a freak.

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  1. I’d forgotten just how bad my monthlies could be until I went off the pill. Holy EFF. It’s like I’m hungover from the waist down: achy and cranky and upset stomach with unsatiable cravings and the occasional illogical uptick in libido…

    Now you guys know too much about both my cycle *and* hangovers. 😉

  2. When I was in my early to mid 20’s I couldn’t cope with the menstrual cramps without Ponstan (mefenamic acid) – they were pretty bad, and even worse if I was stressed. On the worst occasion (which I remember vividly, not least because it was April Fools Day, and it was no joke), I fainted from the pain and was carted off to hospital by ambulance with suspected appendicitis. Thankfully, over time that problem has lessened, and my main problem now is the hormonal migraine that preceeds my period by 12-24 hours (caused by the drop in progesterone which triggers a period to start).

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