Nike+ iPod Tracker

Nike+ iPod Tracker
I was reading Podophile the other day when I discovered that someone’s written a WordPress widget to display your running Nike+ stats on your blog. The obvious problem is that I’m not running WordPress. In the comments I discovered two possible alternatives: (a service that grabs your data for you) and this bit of PHP that emulates the WordPress widget. I’m wary of giving my username and password to a service with so little identifying information, so is out. I turned to the code. It works by hitting the Nike site every hour and pulling down your data. Well, I don’t run that much. So the Snook and I came up with the idea of setting up a cron job to run the script at midnight every night. It pulls down all my run information (as XML files) and then I can do whatever I like with it. So far, I’ve created a badge for my sidebar with my cumulative totals. Whaddaya think? This weekend I’ll add in the details of my most recent run. Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested in the code. And thanks to Ernie for getting me started!


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  1. Hmmm… The Nike site has stopped feeding the data. I wonder if they’re cracking down on us. We’re investigating.

  2. Actually it was just the Nike site being down AGAIN. It’s back now.

  3. The site is a bit temperamental – all that Flash, maybe…

    I’ve found that posting images of runs on Flickr has generated People To Run With in future, as well as a challenge that I’m currently winning by about 15km 🙂

    You’re doing slower runs than me, but you’re doing nice long ones! Very impressive! the majority of my runs are 5km.

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