Weekend Update: What a beeeeyootiful long, sunny weekend. Friday was an Australia Day barbecue over at Major and Steph’s. (Yes, we had lamb.) I had my first go at backyard cricket, but unfortunately I think I’m a bit of a chucker. That bowling motion is just really hard to get if you’ve never done it before. Saturday I went to the Domain to see Turandot and do some knitting with her, her, and him (amongst many others). Today was about sleeping in and catching up on some crafting. I finished the aforementioned Rogue and completed another sock monkey. (The Oscar Contest should be good to go later this week.) I also got to video chat with Staci and Nat and see their lovely daughters. (And what nice carpeting!) Now I’m off to bed. I only wish – like Snookums – I had an extra day off!

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