It appears that perhaps psorr was prescient. Despite not running for the past few days, I’ve just suffered a blinding pain in my left quad when reaching down for a book. I’m off to the physio in ten minutes. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Later: Turns out I have a small tear in this sucker. It’s not bad. I’m supposed to ice it for a few days and take it easy. I can walk, but not fast. The hardest thing is fighting the urge to stretch it. (I’m not supposed to.) It’s like poking a sore tooth. I just want to make sure it still hurts. Again, STUPID.

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  1. Rest and heal, Kris. I’m sorry to have you out for a couple of days. You’ve been a great leader in our challenge.

  2. oh yeah, now we’re gonna leave you in the dust.

  3. You’ve got 24 hours before I hit the road again, mate, so make ’em count!

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