I didn’t find much bloggable today. I think I’ve got an addiction to online content. When there isn’t enough new stuff, I get bored and cranky. I’ll sit here obsessively clicking through my list of links, just waiting for the magic moment when Max or Brigita will publish their new material for the day. Obviously I’m having a bit of a slow period at work. Which is part of it, because I should remember that not everybody spends 10 hours a day online like I do. Other people have lives. Maybe I should try to get one of those.
Anyhoo, my home life will be experiencing a much needed change anyway… because my sister is arriving this Monday to live with me for a few months! Yes, Amy’s going to give London a shot. And contrary to popular believe, no, I’m not forcing her to earn her keep as our housemaid. We’re gonna get her set up in a pub job so we can score lots of free beer. You know, the summer is looking up already!