In honor of the fact that Snookums, Ferret, and I watched six – yes, SIX – episodes of Buffy Saturday, here’s a timely list of Things I Will Do If I Am Ever the Vampire. (Thanks to John for the link.)
Did I tell you about when we bought the Season 2 DVD? We actually got it at Tesco, which is a British supermarket that also happens to sell DVDs and CDs and appliances and stuff. So we pick up the empty box and head to the checkout to pay and get the actual discs. The guy rings through our other stuff and then does a double-take when he scans the box. “Seventy-five quid? That can’t be right.” “Uh, yeah, it is.” And he’s like, “How many are in there?” And we’re like, “Six.” He looks at us like the geeks we are. “You guys really like Buffy, huh?” We’re now thoroughly embarrased. “Uh, yeah.” He didn’t say anything after that, but I could tell he just wanted to get us out before any of our nerddom rubbed off on him. 🙂