“So you want to be an online pornographer?” Actually, Snookums and I joke about this kind of thing all the time. A guy we used to work with actually had experience working for an online porn site. Everybody in the industry knows that that’s where the real money and innovation are. I mean, porn sites were turning a profit before Jeff Bezos even knew what the Internet was. Now that the dotcom boom is over, it’s looking like a more and more attractive option for folks worried about falling stock options and layoffs. Unfortunately for me, I don’t think I could do it. I mean, skim through that Salon story. The guy sounds like a real asshole! I wouldn’t want a job that I’d be embarrassed to tell my parents about. I wouldn’t want to participate in the continued public degradation of women. This guy thinks he’s hit the jackpot because he can buy a new car with two days’ salary and gets invited to porn-picture-taking parties. *shudder* Like I said, it’s a funny thing to joke about, but the reality looks quite different. I’d sooner become a farmer and do something real than sell my soul serving up digital excrement to the masses.