Kafka's SoupKafka’s Soup
Last night I joined Miss Fee and Eva at Kinokuniya for a book reading by author Mark Crick. Mark’s book is called Kafka’s Soup and it’s billed as “A Complete History of World Literature in 14 Recipes.” Basically, it’s a little cookbook and each recipe is written in the style of a famous author. As foodies and book lovers, we couldn’t say no. Mark read aloud from Irvine Welsh’s Chocolate Cake, and we all giggled as he slurred his way through a passable imitation of a drunken Scotsman comparing the preparation of a chocolate cake to cooking up heroin. (We also got to have little pieces of the cake; it was lovely.) Afterwards we dutifully queued up to get our books signed, and though for most people he scribbled a polite “Bon Appetit!”, the three of us requested – and were granted – X-rated quotes from the Irvine Welsh. It was a fun evening. Thanks to the girls for accompanying me, and to Miss Fee for taking the picture!