New Poll!
In honor of my several recent video game related posts, I’m asking which genre of game is your favorite. And once again, I’ve made all the “explanations” apply to me. I can’t help it; I think it’s funny. Anyhoo, I personally found it very difficult to vote since I play just about all of those types fairly often. When I compared approximate total hours of life wasted, though, the answer was pretty clear. “Puzzle” it was. (When I was breaking up with my psycho boyfriend in high school, I would literally spend HOURS hiding from him in the computer lab and playing Minesweeper.)

Aside: When I just told Snookums about this poll, he responded, “Does ‘downloading source code and recompiling it just for fun’ count as a game genre?” *grin* No.

Oh, and bonus points to the first person to correctly identify the film reference buried in the options…