Moving Update: So far everything’s on schedule! We weren’t technically supposed to move in til Sunday, but Saturday afternoon we saw the owners leave and said to each other, “Let’s get started.” So Saturday night we moved over the barbecue, outdoor furniture, and most of the outdoor plants. For Sunday our goal was to to move over the bedroom and the cat. We started by pulling out all the clothes we don’t wear anymore, and then sorting those for the Op Shop and the trash pile. (This is the part I was looking forward to.) Then we pulled apart the bed and reassembled it next door. We took a break and headed to Balmain for lunch with Kenya, who was lending us his trolley. We then spent the rest of the day moving over dressers, night tables, the mattress, bathroom stuff, everything. Then it was time for the cat. The actual transportation was pretty easy. I set down the empty laundry basket and waited for her to jump in as usual. Then we plopped a tray down on top for a lid and carried her over. She… freaked out a little. The place is still so empty, and the wood floors make it more echo-y than the old place. She pretty quickly found a favorite spot though: Up high on the shelf in our closet, watching us putting things away. She refused to eat or use the litter box at first, but we knew she’d come around. With the bedroom finished and energy to spare, we decided to bring over the necessities. We wrestled over the couch (swapping the brown cover for the old blue one, so look for that upon CouchCam’s return!), the bar fridge, and breakfast supplies. Then we made the happy discovery that we’re close enough to access the wireless point at the old house… hence we’ve got Internet. Sweeet!

So I write this on the couch from the new house, having spent our first night here. It was weird. I still can’t believe this place is really going to be ours, and theoretically we could live here for the rest of our lives. There’s still so much more to do. But the kettle is boiling, the cat just pooped in her litter box, and I’ve got to get ready for work. We’re adjusting.