U.K. Survivor News: And just like that, it got interesting again! Last week Ular turned on my beautiful, emaciated, conflicted Pete and kicked him off the island. The Harlotte’s days were numbered. Then, amazingly, Richard approached her for an alliance! Together with Jackie (who I still loathe), they managed to vote off Zoe, the devious Lesbyterian actress. I have to say, Rich’s got a good idea here. He knew that his former tribemates wouldn’t waste a second getting rid of him as soon as the remains of Helang were gone, because he’s the only one with a serious chance of winning challenges and staying in the game. So he’s managed to turn the odds in his favor, while also making nice with Charlotte, who could be counted on to sway Andy, James, and Pete in the Jury. I think his plan is just to get into the final three, win the challenges, and pick the suckiest, lamest person left to go forward with him. Everybody will realize that he played the game way better than anybody else, thus they will award him the million quid. (Has this guy studied his Richard Hatch or what?) I gotta say, at this point I *am* sorta cheering for the evil genius. He’s made it interesting again.