Vote for Niko

Vote for Niko!
Got thirty seconds to do a good deed? My mom’s friend Jane has an autistic son and three adopted special needs kids, and a great charity called 4 Paws for Ability was able to provide them with a companion dog called Niko. Jane’s entered a photo of Niko in an online contest with a grand prize of $10K to be donated to a pet charity. Jane wants to win so she can give back to 4 Paws for Ability. Isn’t that awesome? If you’d like to vote for Niko, just go over here. (Yeah, it asks for an email address, but just use a throwaway one like I did.) Thanks!


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  1. Good deed done. I hope Jane wins the prize for charity. My husband and I are working through the adoption process right now and it is so time consuming and, for lack of a better word, invasive. I am sure she has been and will continue to be rewarded in so many ways by being a mom to her kids. It is touching to see her wanting to give back to others through this charity. Best wishes to Jane and her family.

  2. thanks just done it 🙂

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