New Poll: I just had to ask. Who do you think is going to win Survivor? (If you’re not British, I’ve supplied descriptions and links to their profiles.)

Hmmm. As I was typing up the list, I just noticed something. Richard has admitted to studying the US version of the show. Look at who’s left and compare it to the American final three. You’ve got Richard himself, who is obviously playing the “Richard Hatch” role. Then there’s Mick, the old curmudgeon (i.e. Rudy). He’s essential because Richard can beat him in the final immunity challenge, or if the third person wins, they’re more likely to pick Richard to go to the Jury than the nice old guy that didn’t really piss anybody off. Ah, so that leaves us with just one person – the mythical Kelly Wigglesworth. Is it Charlotte or Jackie? Richard obviously wants it to be Jackie, knowing that she’s even more hated than he is. Charlotte’s got too many friends on the jury. So I predict that unless she scores the Immunity idol next week, the Harlotte will be tossed. Too bad.