Huh. I think those (enforced) few days off this week might have done me some good! I went out for my long run today and I felt pretty great. I set the Nike+ for 90 minutes and headed up Glebe Point Road towards Blackwattle Bay. I went all around Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays and then headed up towards the ANZAC Bridge (which I’d never crossed on foot before). Once I was back down to street level near the Fish Markets, I turned left and ran up the hill into Pyrmont, then up Harris Street a few blocks before turning into Darling Harbour. I went from Darling Harbour into Chinatown, then back up George Street all the way to home. I’d only gone 70 minutes at this point, so after a quick drink at home, it was back for a lap around Victoria Park. Then I staggered back home for a Gatorade and a shower. All in all, I ran 12km (about 7.5mi) at a better than 12min/mi pace. Pretty good! I’m not too far off the pace I need for the half-marathon next month. My biggest problem seems to be dehydration. As my runs get longer, I find that my mouth gets really dry and I’m gasping for water at the end. (This despite me hitting every drinking fountain I can find on the route.) I’m going to try chewing some gum and see if that helps (in addition to drinking more water, of course).

Also, a product review! I got running tights!I ducked into Kmart tonight to see if they had any proper running tights (since RebelSport want, like, sixty bucks for theirs). They had loads of track pants, but they were all knit and seemed more fashionable than practical. But A-HA! I found a single rack of women’s “performance” 3/4-length running tights. The brand is called “Sports Limited” and they appear to be an in-house line. They were only $30 a pair(!) so I tried some on. They purport to be “anti-microbial,” and they boast of reverse seams and dri-fit fabric. They’ve even got a small pocket! They seemed to fit, so I bought two pairs. I wore them on my run tonight. Sydney running chicks, get thee to Kmart. These rock! I had absolutely no chafing or bunching. They did want to roll up a bit in front (like the running skirt), but the rise is longer so they only rolled once and didn’t constantly threaten to expose my underpants. My only minor complaint is that they’re fitted for shorter people, so the “3/4-length” actually ended right at my knees. They’ve put some grippy stuff at the edge though, and I’m happy to report that they didn’t creep up too much. All in all, I’m really happy with these! This is what I’ll be wearing at the race, I’m pretty sure.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I have been avoiding running tights due to pure vanity- I hate the way they look- but most track pants are too baggy. They either slide around while I run, or they’re loose enough to let icy gusts of air in when I run during the winter. I guess I’ll suck it up and buy a full length pair of running tights for next winter. Fuction over form, in this case.

  2. I was sorta dreading how they’d look too, but instead, I think they make me look FIERCE. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’re speedy! The thought of running that distance makes me feel weak.

  4. I had to force myself to take walk-breaks in the first half. It’s mostly downhill to the water, so I didn’t feel like I needed to stop for a good twenty minutes. By time I was climbing the mountain of ANZAC Bridge though, I was taking a minute walk break after every five minutes running or so. So when you break it down like that, it isn’t so daunting.

  5. Didn’t your mum tell you never to run while chewing gum? Apparently there’s a risk of breathing it in then choking to death!

    But then again, she freaks out if I wear a long scarf, since some film star was decapitated by one back when she was a mere slip of a girl. Ah. Mums.

  6. If you find you need to drink heaps, perhaps you could jog with a light Camel back?

  7. I’ve been wondering about that. I think it might be overkill though. I don’t think I need to drink heaps… but maybe I need to get used to carrying a small bottle with me. I think I saw a belt at the running shop that you could clip bottles on to…

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