Flemington Markets

moblogged imageFlemington Markets
Last week Eva kindly invited me to accompany her, Steph, and Kathleen to Flemington Markets on Saturday. I’d been to Paddy’s in Chinatown before, but this is the big market out near Homebush. It was INSANE. Hundreds of stalls with people selling fruit and veggies by the boxload, and it was all incredibly cheap. Bananas for $1/kilo. Whole crates of apples for $5. A one-kilo bag of peeled garlic for $2. We rented a cart and started piling stuff up. A couple hours (and one cramped car trip) later, we pulled it all out in Steph and Eva’s garate to divvy up. For less than $20, I ended up going home with apples, bananas, plums, mandarins, a pineapple, a pomelo, beans, coriander, cherry tomatoes, purple sweet potato, asparagus, the aforementioned bag of garlic, and nine(!) bulbs of fennel. So of course, now we’re cooking everything in bulk and stocking up the freezer for winter…

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  1. Ohh man – you gotta go in stone fruit season. Last time I ate an entire tray of perfectly ripe peaches ($4)on the car trip home… mmmm good!

  2. Hahaha… Were you sick afterwards? 🙂

  3. Damn. It almost sounds like it’s worth getting a car…

  4. I think it is. I think I need to organise a collective, where 3 or 4 people would all go together. Then you can buy by the box and share everything afterwards (unless you’ve got somebody like Bex who WANTS to eat a whole box by themselves). 🙂

  5. I would be up for that… a fortnightly collective? A weekly commitment to buy communal veg probably wouldn’t work. now for someone with a car…

    I joined the guild today, maybe one day I’ll introduce myself to you and stop being such a stalker.

    Dammit, someone just strated trimming the hedge outside ourhouse, and now the just put to sleep cranky baby is awake again…

  6. Hmm. I was just looking at this place

  7. LOL! Nah, my tummy was a bit rumbly but ok.

    You know, The Boi has a car… (BTW Alfalfa house rocks, just remember to bring your own containers for things)

  8. Oh, and I forgot – check this place out too – http://www.azboats.com/l/shop/

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