WiiMMbledon Champions!
Ohmygosh, I can’t believe I forgot to blog this! On this past Friday at around 5pm, Lucas Poole and myself became the Mobile Messenger Wii Doubles Tennis Champions! There were 32 people who originally signed up a few weeks ago, and people got paired up randomly into teams. There was a round robin group match (during which Lucas and I didn’t drop a single set!) before going into the elimination tournament. It got tougher then, but somehow we found ourselves going into the final against Alek and Eliot. It was a match for the ages. People were standing on the sofa behind us trying to get a glimpse of the match. We ended up winning three sets to one, but every single set went right down to the wire. And the winning shot? I got an ace on a Power Serve. I knew that the receiver would totally be expecting it – I always go to the Power Serve in pressure situations – but some how he didn’t! It was glorious. And the funny part is, Lucas might get sent out to the LA office before I leave. Snookums suggested we hold a similar tournament here, just so he and I can legitimately call ourselves WORLD CHAMPIONS.