AGGRAVATION. It’s been a horrible week. Lots of people have left the company, including my friend Ferret and my housemate Nick. I can’t begin to explain how weird and sad this all is. Good people are leaving; the people that – to me – define where I work. The future seems uncertain. And our company Summer Party is today! I don’t feel very celebratory.

On top of all that, I was up til 2 a.m. listening to the stereo downstairs boom out the best of 80’s Crap Rock, as Nick reveled in his newfound freedom. Whatever – I’ll cut him some slack; he’s had a bad week. I reserve the right to bitch out the other people that were present though.

AND, WORST OF ALL, I just went to check on my newly redesigned and relaunched Roald Dahl site, when I noticed in my Admin site that someone qualified to get their name on the Trivia Master Board. “Sweet!” I thought. I’ve got to personally approve all the names, though, so I went to check who it was. It was “f**k_me”. (No asterisks; I just put those in for my mom’s benefit.) What kind of a jerk would do that? Why do I bother building nice free things for the people of the Internet when all they try to do is abuse them? Luckily I’ve got the bastard’s IP address, and if he tries it again, I’ll boot him for good. Suddenly I feel a little bit better.

(Sorry for the journal-like rant, but every now and then I feel the need to get angry in a public way. I’ll get back to weblogging, I promise.)