I heart Yoko.

I heart Yoko.
I kinda always liked Yoko Ono, though I didn’t know much about her. I just had this vague idea that she was a cool yet wacky Asian chick who did her own thing. I felt a vague sense of feminist annoyance whenever people blamed her for breaking up the Beatles. I also really like Dar Williams’s song “I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono”. Then a few weeks ago, I stumbled across Yoko’s Twitter feed and decided to follow her. I guess I thought it would be pretty funny, because obviously she’d be a weirdo, you know? But instead I think it’s fantastic. She posts these whimsical, childlike notes every day or two. I don’t know if it’s part of a performance, or whether she really is like that. But then today came THE BEST THING: she posted her 25 things list. I absolutely love it. She starts off talking about feet and shoes and face creams and gloves and then moves on to John and Martians and war and daydreams and gods and dinosaurs. I know that sounds terribly twee and contrived, but really it’s not. She’s much more interesting than I ever gave her credit for.


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  1. wow, I remember listening to Yoko while in studio at Ball State. I don’t recall the “album” but it was painful. I finally stole the tape (yes,it was the 80’s) and hid it somewhere in the Architecture building from my buddy Matt so I wouldn’t have to listen to it any more. It’s hard to discribe the sound – cat being tortured maybe.

  2. I know that album (yeah, it was vinyl, ah we are ooooold)It turned me against her forever and ever. I can hear her reading those 25 things in my head and it’s driving me nuts.

  3. found the album name – Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band. While I appreciate her courage to experiment with her art, I can’t listen to it for any length of time. I’m curious what you think of it.

  4. I’ve never really listened to it. I did recently watch a documentary about her and John though, and I found the whole Plastic Ono Band concept pretty fascinating. I never knew that Ringo and Clapton and all those other people were involved. What I heard wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I thought as an expression of their art and creativity, it was pretty cool!

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