Mines in Space!

Mines in Space!
If you like Minesweeper and you have an iPhone, you need this game. Between this and Bejeweled, I’ll never be bored again. It’s got your classic Minesweeper, sure, but it’s also got three other variations on the theme. I like “Imposter” the best, where you have to spot the aliens hiding amongst the boulders. Rodd prefers the hardest one of the bunch: “Rocket Shuffle.” It’s as if the columns on a normal Minesweeper board were shuffled like a slot machine, and you have to line them up the correct away again. He got the logic of it immediately, but it takes me a lot longer to recognize the patterns. There’s also a “challenge” mode at the end where you have to progress through 100 of the other challenges. The graphics and sounds are great, but my favorite thing is the trophy wall where you unlock achievements. Seriously, this is one of the best apps I’ve purchased. (And it’s on sale now!)

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  1. Curse you, your ancestors and your descendants. I used to knit on the train and now all I’m going to be able to do is play minesweeper. You need to try Fuzzle too. Not as good as minesweeper, but still fun.

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