What to do next?

Great – and relevant – running question in today’s Ask Penguin: “What do you do after you achieve your big running goal? Why does it feel anti-climactic?” Last May that’s pretty much exactly how I was feeling.


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  1. My running mentor gave me the answer to this. Before you run a race, your entry form is in for the next one.

    This year, I’m going to do the full. After that, I have three races planned. And the full is a step to my next goal, which is a step to my ultimate goal.

    (Step 1. Marathon.
    Step 2. A marathon in every state and territory of Australia.
    Step 3. Coast to Koszi.)
    Step 4. Knee replacement.)

  2. Ah, run a race, then take a break… When you are feeling runner’s ennui, find the next challenge!

    That said, I totally understand the feeling. It’s like, I finished what I thought was insurmountable and that I’d be a hard-core superstar athlete when I finished, and then, I finished, and I still feel like average ole me.

    I’m glad to read about you running again; I hope you’re having fun!

  3. i can totally relate to this question! i’m in the thick of post-marathon slump right about now and wondering what i should do for my next challenge. i sorta want to go back to triathlon….but i’m having trouble motivating…

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