Anthony Bourdain’s Guide to Food Television

Anthony Bourdain’s Guide to Food Television. That is just brilliant. I like that he gives props to Martha Stewart and Alton Brown, and that he basically admits Gordon Ramsay is selling out by becoming a total caricature of himself.


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  1. Oh no. I watched the clip of the Kwanzaa cake by Sandra Lee…. Anthony Bourdain is of course spot on and now my life will never be the same. In the worst possible way.

  2. I watched “Chopping Block” on Wednesday night after reading this. He predicts it pretty well. It’s somewhere between Top Chef’s Restaurant Wars and Hell’s Kitchen. More schmaltzy than TC, but more talented than HK. Marco PW is much more menacing than Gordon Ramsay; much cooler in general except for his (I guess trademark?) checkered Vans. I’ll probably keep watching for a bit.

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