Obama to Speak at ND

Holy crap! How did I miss that President Obama will be delivering the commencement address this year at Notre Dame? That’s fantastic! Of course, some of the more strict Catholics are predictably outraged. I find that… somewhat hypocritical. Why aren’t they launching petitions over ROTC’s large presence on campus? Why don’t they protest the number of non-Catholics (myself included) who attend and earn degrees? We should be HONORED that the President has chosen to come and speak. I can’t even imagine how the (very few) African-American students on campus are feeling.


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  1. Yeah I was psyched when I found out! Then subsequently annoyed at the UltraCatholics.

  2. There’s a Facebook group in support, RT… which you can visit after Easter. 🙂

  3. ok, that’s awesome. I’m very amused.

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