Earth Hour

Earth Hour has started! The only light in the house is coming from two candles and two laptops (on battery power).


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  1. One of my neighbours (we think we know who, but no proof) popped over the road last night and chopped down a tree (just a trunk after the council trimmed it and the neighbour hacked it a bit more last year) and several she-oaks that were getting to be a decent height. Bastard. Earth Hour indeed. He had been cutting the regrowth from the tree on a regular basis, but maybe that was too much effort. Hence the major attack last night. Wonder if he took advantage of the lights out – our entire neighbourhood was in darkness. Oh, the said trees were on the riverbank, and when fully grown they would really block his view. They are directly opposite our house. We spoke with council, but nothing they can do.

  2. What? Where was this? I… WTF…

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