Happy Anniversary, Snookums

Happy anniversary, Snookums
Nine years ago tonight – just about right now, in fact – I was in the Distillers Arms in Hammersmith celebrating being granted a British work visa (which meant I didn’t have to go home in a week). Pretty much the whole office had ended up there, and we were partying it up. Half a dozen of us decided to kick on to the “Leopard Lounge” in Fulham to do some dancing. The place was pretty sad, actually, and not very full, but we made the best of it. At one point I was dancing with the cute boy from the office that I had a crush on, and I just decided to go for it. We smooched and held hands. It was an incredible rush, yet at some level even then I knew it also felt completely comfortable and right. We’ve barely been apart since.

Us at the beginning Us now

It’s been a great nine years. Happy (real) anniversary to my best friend…


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  1. BLECCCHHHH you guys are all like mushy and gross.


  2. I know, I know… 🙂

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