Impossible Dilemma

Impossible dilemma. Which movie is “most 90’s-est”: Clerks or Clueless? As the Snook pointed out this morning, Clerks is more representative of MOVIES from the 90’s, but Clueless is more representative of the CULTURE. I really can’t decide. (It’s a shame that this isn’t the Final match-up, because both of these films are way more 90’s than stupid Wayne’s World or Scream.)


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  1. Hmmm, I’d have to go Clerks even though they both represent completely different ‘class’ sects. I think both displayed ’90’s’ stereotypes, but totally different sides of the track, if you know what I mean.

  2. mmm I love both movies. Clerks resonated more when I saw it. I vote Clerks.

  3. Clerks. Clerks. More accessible to all than Clueless.

    Did i mention I love Clerks.

  4. See, you guys are makin’ me want to vote Clueless! People think it’s way more fluffy than it actually is. I quote that movie on, like, a weekly basis.

  5. I’m definitely with Clueless on this one.

  6. Clueless is losing handily, but it definitely was my 90’s movie. I think it’s probably not getting many votes from men, but it defined what I thought of as cool in high school.

  7. “I love Josh.”

    It did start my love affair with Paul Rudd.

  8. Clerks is winning because Kevin Smith has been pimping the vote on his twitter feed. It’s not like Amy Heckerling has thousands of followers! (But she should.)

  9. Don’t get me wrong I love Clueless, Paul Rudd (adorable), the whole Austen goes 90s thing, but I just love Clerks more.

  10. I vote Clueless. I quote it more than I care to admit.

  11. I love Clueless but I think Clerks is more “90s-est.” Clueless is like the 90210 version of the 1990s whereas Clerks depicts the suburban middle class 90s that most of us experienced.

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