Cool and Sweet Dessert

Argh! What was I thinking, baking cookies? I should’ve made Yoko’s Cool and Sweet Dessert. There aren’t many recipes that include the line: “Make sure to chant an affirmation that this sweet desert will bring peace and love to the lives of all who eat it.”


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  1. You obviously never went on an excursion to the Latin bakery like I did in school… the baker teaching us to make bread instructed us all to imagine we were the rain or the soil or the wheat or something. And then we had to send love into the bread. But not our love for our boyfriends because that would make us giggly…

    He was a bit strange.

  2. No. The bakeries near where I want to school were Amish bakeries. Amish people don’t send love into their bread. That’s too newfangled.

  3. did you read about the water on boing boing where the girl chants over it!!!!!

    Way way to weird and new age/ hippy even for me.
    I will find and send you the link

  4. Hahaha, thanks for that. I read it on the bus this morning. It’s like Reiki for your water. 🙂

  5. I’m sorry, that’s nor a recipe. It’s instructions for assembly. And not very good instructions either: how do you cut ice into cubes? Pffft! Maybe next time Yoko could get her cook to supply the recipe. 🙂

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