Quadrahosting Woes

Not happy, Jan.
I’m supposed to be spending these four days working on porting the Morris & Sons site to the new version of osCommerce. Unfortunately, I’m being hampered by the fact that Quadrahosting‘s servers have now failed 3 times in the past 24 hours, each for at least an hour. That is really unacceptable. And everybody says, “Switch hosts!” But seriously, name me one that doesn’t suck. I’m totally disillusioned at this point. They all suck.


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  1. Dreamhost are great. Very cheap and a reliable. I’ve seen every day jo’s to facebook lead techs praise their service. I switched over to them a few months back and no issues at all.

  2. I’ve been with Dreamhost since Sept 2006. They have been good and support is fine too. They did have a major burp about 14 months ago when servers totally died and sites were down for 2-3 days. It was a one-off event as they were newbies and didn’t anticipate it so never had backup replacement equipment.

    Apart from that, can’t say any issues with them.

    Also if you do decide to try them look for promo codes to get the sub cheaper. You just missed a $20 for 2 years hosting. They normally have loads of offers for cheaper access so Google it it guess.

  3. We’re with Dreamhost, too. Happy with it overall.

  4. Quite frankly, I’m a little worried about how cheap they are. We’re not talking about my personal site; we’re talking about a business site with a fairly well-trafficked and profitable ecommerce section. That’s crazy cheap to serve/support something like that…

  5. Another vote for Dreamhost. they’re definitely cheaper than the usual for personal accounts, but that doesn’t seem to mean that their service is horrible. The only problem I’ve had was when I forgot to renew my domain name….

  6. Put something like your blog on dreamhost and try them out if you’re worried.

    They are cheap because they are big, one the 10 largest hosts in the world with nearly a million domains hosted with them.

    Friends have seen loads of 4500 on their account without issue.

    Of course, now that I’ve said all this, murphy’s law will kick in 🙂

  7. As per your twitter, Tia and Issy recommended webcity… I think I was the one who started that. In the 5 or so years there has been 1 or 2 outages, one was when they were upgrading their servers. They offer 24/7 phone support AND are based in Sydney (office is in Parramatta). I host my website there and have 3 other domains atm pointing to the one account. I also look after another companies website and they host there. If you have any questions just shoot me an email.

  8. http://www.suresupport.com – excellent rates and top-notch service.

  9. Shameless plug for my friend’s business Anchor (www.anchor.net.au). They’re not a budget hosting service, but they are good quality & haven’t failed me once (yes I am biased, but it’s a hosting service owned and run by a very smart geek).

  10. I’ve been using a VPS at tektonic.net – when something goes wrong, at least I know it’s my fault :p One occasion I did deal with their support they were prompt (online chat) and helpful (turned out to be a routing issue somewhere in the middle).

  11. These are all great suggestions, folks. Thanks for that. I guess at this point, it’s just weighing up whether the hassle of moving the site is worth it. They’re paid up til June, so we’ve got a little time before we have to decide.

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