News from Indiana

Two surprising bits of news from Indiana this morning:

  • Lawmakers are proposing redrawing the Indiana-Michigan border. Huh? Apparently the original border was laid out in 1827 with wooden pegs, and that’s all people have to know where the line is. I had no idea! I kinda thought that even without GPS, surveyors would be able to always know where the line was based on their, I don’t know, magic measurements or whatever. Guess not.
  • Elkhart County has slipped to #2 on the unemployment list. #1? Lagrange County with 18.9% unemployment. Jeeeez. That’s the county where I went to high school. It’s the county where several members of my family still live. I just can’t even imagine what it’s like with 1 out of 5 out of work.

Links courtesy of The Elkhart Project.


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  1. Hahahahah!!! That’s hilarious that they are now having to redefine the state boundary lines. It sucks about the unemployment…I hope something changes soon.

  2. Yeah. The Journal Gazette splashed a huge map with unemployment numbers across the front page of last Sunday’s edition.

    It all feels a bit bleak, actually. I have several family members who are currently drawing unemployment. The majority of homes in my neighborhood are foreclosures or short sales. My home has lost about 40% of its value.

    I’m trying not to think about it too hard, to be honest. There’s simply nothing I can do to change any of it.

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