Grotta Capri

WAIT JUST A SECOND. You mean that the crazy underwater restaurant where Muriel gets dumped by Sophie Lee and her bitchy friends in Muriel’s Wedding actually exists and I can go there? And it’s not even that far from my house!


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  1. we should go!

  2. I’ve always wondered what it was like inside after gawping at it countless times form the bus. Food sounds tasty.

  3. yeah – and featured in many australian shows – underbelly, young lions, wildside, white collar blue just to name a few

  4. Only if we can drink Orgasm cocktails, Bex. 🙂

  5. I’ve been past it a million times but have never been inside. I’d now also love to go.

  6. It’s right near Peter’s of Kensington. I’ve walked past it, but never gone in.

  7. Oh my god. It sounds like we may need to have a Girly Dinner there…

  8. you dont have to ask me twice

  9. At one point I was going to do their website… can’t remember what happened :-S Looks like a nice little place.

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