I pushed my workouts to four days this week (plus one cross-straining session at Spudds), so I had a bump in distance. I’ve been noticing lately that I’ve gotten extremely comfortable at my normal slow pace, and that I can easily run longer than 30 minutes without getting winded at all. My guess is this is a sign that I need to start pushing a little harder, maybe trying to bump up my speed a little bit. So I’ve been trying to incorporate some speedwork at least once a week. Last week I included some intervals in one run, and this week I did 20 minutes of fartlek as part of my Saturday run. The biggest limiting factor in my progress right now seems to be all the niggling aches and pains I’m fighting: my back, my hamstrings, mild case of shin splints, etc. I’m doing what I can for those, but frustratingly I think the biggest help would be to drop some weight. Having all these extra kilos pounding the road isn’t doing me any favours. It’s just hard, especially because all the exercise tends to make me hungrier than ever.

This week: 25.83km (16mi)
Last week: 19.86km (12.4mi)

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  1. awesome distance.
    I had my city to surf on Monday and did a pretty sad effort, but I totally understand the little aches and pains that really hinder your effort.

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