Tube Strike Over Comment at!

Well, not really. I did, however, receive an angry e-mail about this post, where I commented that “Only the bloody English would strike over teapots.” A small (yet public) retort to this individual:

  • I didn’t say they were only striking over teapots. Did you even read the article I liked to? It’s very clear that the union leaders have other complaints. I just thought it funny that A) tea making facilities were ranked up there in importance with adequate female changing rooms, and B) every newspaper in the country made reference to the “tea” issue in their headlines.
  • As my original post was only one line, how could you even presume to know what I think anyway? “You no doubt believe that female toilet facilities are a minor disagreement…” Where in the world did I give you any cause to suppose this?
  • “Pity you don’t live in the real world and just make silly headline statements that are only half truths.” Headline statements? This isn’t a newspaper. I repeat, for those of you who don’t get it, that I am not a news service. This is a personal website. These postings are my personal opinion. Take issue with the Times or the Guardian, but don’t pick on me for not agreeing with you. Just stop reading.

Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t resist. I have no problem with somebody disagreeing with me, but this person didn’t even take the trouble to find out my actual stance. They just attacked. For the record, I think working in public transport has to be one of the most difficult and thankless jobs in London. At the same time, I think the service is unbearably bad and many of the workers seem to have an “us vs. them” attitude towards both the public and the government these days. And I’m not speaking as a tourist; I’ve lived in this city for over two years now. And to be frank, I don’t care if drivers have to use a kettle instead of a boiler. And I don’t care if they have to wear ugly red waistcoats. I just want to take the Tube to Heathrow without sitting on the tracks outside Acton for half an hour every single time.

(How flattering is it that someone from London Underground reads my weblog? Well, I don’t know that for sure, but given that this individual only took offense at my Tube comment and not at my indictment of British cuisine, one can only suppose.)