Weekend, Annotated.
Thursday, you’ll recall, I was sick and stayed home. I’m back on my feet, but I have an awful hacking cough that bodes ill for my last month of training. My doctor (who coincidentally has the same bug) prescribed rest. Ha.

Friday I dragged myself back in to work to finish some things off for the week. At lunchtime I met up with Miss Fee for our long-awaited visit to the Tom Foster Community Centre. Our Guild group was contacted many weeks ago by Megan the organiser there who thought some of the seniors might like to meet some young knitters. So we brought them a load of donated wool, needles, and magazines, and we ended up having a great visit. Here’s Fiona showing off a pic of her knitted wedding dress to Megan and some of the group.

Visit to Tom Foster Center

Then it was back to work for the rest of the afternoon. At six I caught a bus to Circular Quay to meet the Snook and the in-laws for dinner at Selah. (Ma Snook’s in town to attend the Fifties Fair.) The restaurant was really good, and we had a great time catching up with Rodd’s sister Jeannie, her partner Chris, and our nephew Kurt.

Saturday morning we met up with everybody again at the Eveleigh Markets. Breakfast was coffee and “Crooked Madams” from the Bird Cow Fish stall. We ran into Miss Fee and the Sock Victim doing their weekly shop. (The Inner West is sometimes a very small place.) We bought a beautiful bit of pork belly which the Snook stuffed and roasted for dinner that night. Yum.

Me and Snook at the Markets

Finally, today was Steph and Eva‘s big day. We drove the GoGet car out to Carisbrook House in Lane Cove. You couldn’t ask for better weather for a wedding – sunny and gorgeous. The ceremony took place in a small courtyard, with all of the family and friends gathered around the wedding party. Steph and Eve were both radiant. We were thrilled to be able to share their special day with them, and we blew bubbles to cheer them at the end.

At the wedding

Now we’re back at home, having a brief rest before heading to Chatswood for the wedding feast and reception. Oh, and when I haven’t been running around town, I’ve been trying to finish off a website I’m doing for someone. Busy busy busy!