Tradie Endorsement: Thomson Plumbing
Several weeks ago I noticed that the hot water in the master bathroom was coming out orange. That bathroom has its own small hot water heater in the closet, so we figured it was probably that. Eventually I got around to calling some plumbers for quotes. First was Thomson Plumbing, which I found through the extremely scientific method of seeing their van parked on our street one day and writing down the phone number. Lee Thomson was super helpful, and he told me that if I could email him the details off the water heater, he could give me a quote on replacing it. He also suggested I attach a digital photo of the heater so he could verify there was enough space around it for the new one. I thought this was very cool, since I was expecting to have to pay for a service call. I emailed him the relevant info, and he wrote back the same day with his extremely reasonable quote. Then I called Chiswick Plumbing, who advertise everywhere and who always leave fridge magnets and bookmarks in our mailbox. They said they’d send a guy over to quote in person, but since he was already doing a job in the neighbourhood, they’d waive the callout fee. So he came in and had a look, and gave us a quote that was fully 50% more than Thomson Plumbing. That settled it. The guys from Thomson even offered to come out at 7am so we wouldn’t miss work. They came on Friday and installed our new heater, and they even replaced some tap washers for free. Later in the day, the Snook got a call from their office letting him know that our initial quote had been INCLUDING GST, so the grand total was actually even less than we thought. All in all, a completely excellent plumbing experience. I’ll be using Thomson plumbing in the future.