The first petunia!Garden Update: Man, the weather’s been crazy lately! First it was hot, then we had that dust storm, and then this weekend it got really cold and windy. The plants are surviving, if not exactly thriving. There have been a few noticeable changes though. Our first petunia has bloomed! This pretty pink blossom appeared yesterday morning. I took a few other photos too.Snow peas
Snow peas! They’re doing really well now that the slugs aren’t munching on them. (I followed Michael’s advice and put down coffee grounds, which seems to deter the little buggers.) We need to get our vertical structure in place soon so they have something to climb!

Sweet corn. Still growing! Not quite knee high yet, but it’ll get there.

Beans. I think the beans have been the most rewarding so far. They sprouted out of nothing into these tall strong plants in just a week!