Outback Adventure

Uluru SunsetOutback Adventure
The photos from our trip to Adelaide, Alice Springs, and Uluru are now up! The main part of our trip was a three-day adventure camping trip with Wayoutback Desert Safaris. I can’t recommend this company enough. The trip was exactly what we hoped it would be, and it was worth every penny. Our small but varied group camped out under the stars together and hiked through some of the most amazing landscape in the world. Our guides Mike and Carl were knowledgeable, friendly, and capable. There was plenty of food, and thankfully many bathroom breaks with real toilets. It wasn’t the most relaxing trip, but if you’re looking for a real outback experience, Wayoutback is the absolute best way to do it. Anyway, yeah, go check out the photos for more details. (Eileen has posted some too.)For the benefit of future Googlers, I will add that in many respects, this was the wrong tour for me. I don’t like getting dirty. I don’t like sleeping outdoors or in strange places. I’m not the biggest fan of group activities. But even I had an amazing time, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Yeah, you have to gather firewood and help cook dinner and use dodgy showers and sleep on the ground and get up at the crack of dawn and deal with other people 24/7… but it’s still worth it.


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  1. so…like…no tent? just a…swag? hardcore!

  2. Nope. No tent. Just in a bag right on the dirt around the campfire. SO HARDCORE, DUDE!

  3. how was the toilet situation really
    – did you use a spade at all?

  4. No spades at all! I’m happy to report that there were real toilets all through the trip. Some where nicer than others, but there weren’t any pits or spades involved. 🙂

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