This is neat. I got an email this morning from Marian Hall in Birmingham in the UK:

Thanks for the sock monkey instructions. They were the best I found (and I looked at a lot). Made 5 sock monkeys to join a barrowload of others in Film Ficciones latest music video. Thanks a lot.

Huh? Sock monkey music video?? So I looked it up. Film Ficciones is a UK production company that focuses on short films and music videos. The sock monkey video will be for the song “All We Wanna Do is OH!” by the band Kate Goes. (Apparently it’s the themesong for a BBC comedy called “Coming of Age.”) They put up an amusing promotional YouTube video which includes a sock monkey tutorial. They make their monkeys slightly differently than I do, and they gloss over the actual sewing. (I guess that’s why Marian found my tutorial helpful.) Anyway, I look forward to seeing the video!