RunningBlog: Week 2

Week 2
Onwards and upwards. I’m meeting my goal of running four times a week, and this week I managed an itsy bit farther. We’ve had a run of hot weather, and it’s really hard to maintain pace and stay within my aerobic heart rate zone on hot and humid days. I also had my first circuit training session of the year at Spudds yesterday. (I was definitely feeling it on my run this morning.) Let’s look at the weekly totals:

Jan 8: 5.3km
Jan 10: 6.56km
Jan 12: 5.4km
Jan 14: 5.5km
Total this week: 22.6km (14mi)
Total in 2010: 44.9km (27.8mi)

I’m working on a new running-related secret project… which I’ll hopefully unveil this weekend. Stay tuned!


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  1. wow you are inspiring me Kris – i am currently aiming for 3 but managed only 2 so far- what it is only thursday I can get another in this week – phew

    p.s. aiming to be the most comments for 2010 on your blog and love the ongoing one way dialogue to you

  2. Hahahaha… I think you’re in the lead so far!

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