New KumfsNew Kumfs
I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of black Mary Jane shoes to replace a couple pairs of mine that are falling apart. I checked out the Camper sale, but I didn’t really like anything they had on offer. (My Campers from two years ago have held up well, but the insoles smell really funky!) Then I thought of Kumfs. I bought a pair of red leather Mary Janes there nearly five years ago and they’ve held up really well. They send me the catalog every season, but to be honest most of their styles are not my cup of tea. (“Horrendously fugly” would be one way of putting it.) I decided to give it a shot last night so I headed over to their store in the Piccadilly Arcade. As expected, it was filled to the brim with metallic orthopedic sandals that burned the retinas. Through the haze, I managed to discern a couple pairs of decent looking shoes at the back of the shop… and there they were! I tried on a couple other styles out of obligation, but I knew these were the ones. The price made me gulp a bit – these ones were not on sale – but I knew these would last me a few years. I wore them to work today and tweeted a picture, which was then picked up by the Shoes of the Day Blog. Fun!