Snookums figures that Mayor Ken’s plan to stop feeding the “winged rats” of Trafalger Square could have a detrimental effect on tourism, because every time we go there the place is filled with idiotic Americans in fanny packs feeding the pigeons and happily getting crapped all over. So our plan is to replace the bird food seller with a BB-gun leasing office and let the tourists take potshots at the remaining flocks. Just as fun and good for the city, too!
(Note to my tree-hugging hippie friends: We’re just joshin’! We wouldn’t really shoot any little creatures. Although they really are a pestilence…)

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  1. hippie, eh?

    (you don’t know how long it too mwe to figure out how to spell hippie correctly!)

    anyhow, i have to side with those in favor of eliminating the filthy buggers. i mean sure, i love animals, blahblahblah, but birds are just DIRTY.

    and why must US tourists perpetuate the whole “ugly american” stereotype and wear those damned fanny packs?! i cite that grevious fashion error as the decline of modern civilization as wel know it.

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