Today was our office’s weekly workout at Spudds, so I took along my workout clothes. About half an hour before the time, I discovered that I was the ONLY ONE GOING. There are normally about 6-8 of us, but a combination of holidays and rescheduled meetings meant that everyone else had to bail. I considered chickening out. When there are half a dozen people, it’s easy to kinda hide in the back and work at your own pace. The company was going to pay for the time regardless though, so I figured I’d be stupid to turn down what was essentially a free personal training session. So I went. “Just you?” Spudds asked. “Yep.” For the next forty minutes, he put me through the wringer. Cardio machines, free weights, squats, abs, the climber, all kinds of stuff. He tested my heart rate at a couple points, and he seemed pretty happy with it. (Go the HR training!) We also talked nutrition, and he wants me to eat more often. Yep, I have official trainer dispensation to have three healthy snacks a day. I’m also going to try to do an extra session at the gym each week. He finished the workout by telling me that I’m going to be his “new project.” I guess it wouldn’t hurt to shake things up a bit!