Geek Girl Runner Episode 003

Geek Girl Runner Episode 003
The third episode of the Geek Girl Runner podcast is now available! Right off the bat, I just have to apologise for the voice quality in this one. I caught a raging cold on Monday night, and I just didn’t want to wait any longer to record so I sound quite stuffed up. I was also radioactive (yes, seriously) and possibly feverish so I probably ramble a little more than usual. At any rate, thanks to everyone who listened to the first two episodes and gave feedback. This episode features: my (non-)training update; emails, comments, and shoutouts; and a discussion about running injuries.

Show links:
My long run (with photos)
Wikipedia: bone scan
Mother’s Day Classic – join the Geek Girl Runner team!
Lindfield Rotary FunRun
You Don’t Have to Run Alone podcast by Ted Beveridge
AAPSM treatment for plantar fasciitis

Thanks as usual to Nick Arthur for the use of his song “Little Donut Party”. Please give me some feedback and let me know what you think!

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  1. Great podcasts (I listened to them all.) It is fun to hear the progression, and I will be back. (I will also add you to my blogroll on my blog at

    I have plantar, and it is not fun. I have been treating it and hopefully it will recover over time. Most of the day it doesn’t bother me. The worst is that it hurts during the first steps in the morning as I get out of bed.

    I found you through Ted Beveridge.

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