Clarification on the tiebreaker
Since someone emailed to ask, I did not include John Hughes in the tiebreaker count for the Oscar Contest. Jenny and I debated it during his tribute, and we hoped the producers would make it easy by including him in the “In Memoriam” reel as well. But they didn’t. However, the actual wording on the entry page was: “How many dead people will be featured in the annual Hollywood obituary tribute reel?” I think it’s pretty clear that the question is not how many dead people will be honoured at the show, but rather how many people are in the specific tribute montage. So on that basis, we went with the count of 34. Of course, it really sucks for Tom Cassutt, because if they had included Hughes (or Farrah Fawcett! or Bea Arthur!) he would’ve won the whole shebag. Sorry, Tom!