Happy birthday to me…

Kristy, it’s your birthday! Happy birthday, Kristy!*
So today is my 33rd birthday. Man, that feels old. I was digging around this morning and found some photos from my 23rd birthday back in London, ten years ago today. I was living with the Notre Dame London Program then as an R.A. and working as an HTML developer at Netdecisions. A bunch of my work friends went out with me to Si Senor, the only Mexican restaurant I could find in all of London. (I think it’s since closed.)

BJ, me, Alex, and Ferret
BJ, me, Alex, and Ben (aka Ferret)…

Snookums, Eman, and BJ
Snookums (two weeks before we started dating!), Eman, and BJ

Ferret, me, Eman, and Squirrel
Ferret, me, Eman, and Mark (aka Squirrel)

There are more pictures with more folks from that night, including some of the students who joined us later. It was so fun. I can’t believe we were so young. I can’t believe it’s been so long since! (Hm. And I can’t believe I didn’t have ANY girl friends back then. Did I just hang out with guys? Quite possibly.)

Thank you to everyone who’s popped up on email and Facebook and Twitter to say “Happy birthday.” I also managed to score two(!) birthday cakes: a Spice Cake with Espresso Icing (courtesy of the Snook), and a “Belle” Barbie cake (courtesy of the amazing Miss Fee). The Snook and I are going out tomorrow night for the Chuck Hahn dinner, and then Thursday we’ll be seeing the premiere of KICK-ASS. What a great way to start the week!

* Yeah, the Snook serenaded me with the Michael Jackson birthday song from The Simpsons. Very sweet.


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  1. Heh, I was going to ask about girlfriends too!! Happy Birthday!

  2. oh baby faced loveliness!

  3. Happy Birthday Kris! I still look “that” young. Always have incidents when i travel such as a few months ago in Japan. I shouldn’t complain and it provides a few laughs.

    Enjoy your night out! Oh i have a present for Snook so i’ll be gmailing him soon.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the Belle cake and the spice cake looks super yum!

  5. Happy Birthday!! If you were back here we would do it up right!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic birthday week

  7. happy birthday to you! hope you had a great day xx

  8. A belated happy b-day. And hope St. Paddy’s went well too. 🙂

  9. I’ve been waiting to look at these pics (work IT now prevents all blogs, and iphone not so good for this!)


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