RunningBlog: Week 12

Week 12
Apologies for missing last week’s entry. I’ve just been a bit stressed and down lately. My running is going really well though, and I think it’s helping me to cope. I have managed long runs of 11km (7mi) and 13km (8mi) in the last two weeks without too much trouble. I’m also doing two morning runs each week and a cross-training session at Spudds. I’ve been gratified to see the pace on my morning runs has slowly been improving after the two weeks I took off for my cold and injury. My foot is feeling much better, and I’d say it feels 95% recovered. I’m still running in my New Balance though; I haven’t returned to the Newtons since the injury. (I’m still doing a midfoot strike though even though it’s more difficult in these shoes.) On to the numbers…

Mar. 20: 5.23km
Mar. 21: 13.14km
Mar. 24: 5.41km
Total this week: 23.78km (14.8mi)
Total in 2010: 236.91km (148mi)

To meet my 1000km goal, I should be at 230.7km. So I’m about 6km ahead of pace right now!


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  1. Sounds like you are right on track Kris. Glad to hear the foot is getting better too.

  2. Great week. Sorry to hear your feeling down. Keep your head up.

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