Photoshop 5

A sneak preview of Photoshop 5’s content-aware fill. My jaw dropped. That is some magic, magic stuff happening there. It’s the kind of thing that laypeople imagine computers should be able to do, but people who work with computers think of as pretty much impossible. And somehow they did it.


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  1. I know! I was totally gobsmacked. I want it. Now! (You’ll have to forgive the Veruca Salt-iness of it all, it’s just that cool.)

  2. That’s voodoo. I’m from Louisiana, so I know voodoo when I see it, and that’s voodoo. Or we are all being punked. Or we have been sucked into an episode of CSI.

    Either way, I am pretty sure it’s against all laws of God and Man. And I want it.

  3. Wow! That’s amazing. I’m in love with Photoshop 5.

  4. My initial reaction was LKSFJHGJKDFHGERDFOUGJKFEDHg!!!!!!! It’s amazing, I have no words.

    I think I’ll be pre-ordering this version of Ps.

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